Saturday, March 27, 2010

A lil bit of St Patties Day magic

We started off our day by Mrs Kimmie and Mrs Kelsie making homemade green pancakes, fruit and sausage with some green milk. Yummy!!! We then did preschool and made a few green projects. At lunch time the kids made their own green crusted pizza. Everything a child loves – cheese, cheese and more cheese. A few pepperonis’s, Canadian bacon, pineapple and of course more cheese!!! They were so proud of their very own creations. What’s a party without rainbow cupcakes??? Kelsie is so creative when it comes to the kids treats. The cupcakes had layers of different colors of cake and lot’s of green frosting. When Kendall’s Mom showed up I asked Kendall what color was her shamrock and she said Green. I was shocked when she said it because every color is yellow to her :o) So cute!!! We are working on colors with the 1 yr olds.

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