Sunday, March 7, 2010

Supply List

All supplies must be labeled with your child’s name. You will need to provide the following things to be left here:

**2 complete changes of clothing (more if we are toilet training) to be left here. This includes shirt, pants, socks, and underwear. Soiled clothing will be sent home and a new change of clothes will need to be brought back the next day.

**Any over the counter medication that you may wish to be used. This must have the child’s name on it. Remember, I will always ask your permission before administering any medication (or a form will need to be filled out).

**Proper outerwear for outside play

**1 Blankets

**Swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen to be left here during summer months

~Diapers or pull-ups – 1 full package. I will notify you when the supply is low.
~1 box of baby wipes – at least 80 to 100 count
~2 changes of clothing (t-shirt, sleeper, outfit, and socks). Careful attention must be made to maintain current sizes left here.
~Any cream, powder, mylicon, etc. that you wish me to use
~Even though (medical) supplies will be kept in my home, I will NOT give them to your child unless written permission is given. You may have the option of filling out a medication permission slip upon enrollment. That way I can go ahead and give them some medication, should the need arise, then write the administration on the form. Notice will be sent home when more supplies are needed.

NOTE: If you prefer not to supply these items to be left here, you may send them daily in the diaper bag. The option of leaving these items here is for your convenience and is not required. However, all of the above items are required for me to care for your child, so they will need to be brought daily.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Kimberly Odoms

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